Gym Class Fitness
For Exceptional KIDS





Gym Class is a program that uses qualified and dedicated Adaptive Gym Class Specialist to provide physical education recreation and sports to children with unique needs. Programs are designed and implemented in a manner that allows parents, participants and Adapted Gym Class Specialist to generate a goal directed activity or program. All programs/activities are modified in a way that meets an individual child’s specific needs. They are developed around a child’s strengths, needs and interest in order to enrich their well-being. More specifically, these quality programs promote:

  • A healthy self-image and self- esteem

  • Motor skills and pattern development

  • Individual and group games, sports, leisure and recreational activities

  • Physical fitness for the maintenance of daily living

  • The prevention and management of chronic health conditions

  • The development of secondary health condition


Why gym class?


Any child who has been diagnosed with social, emotional, intellectual, developmental, and/or physical exceptionalities can benefit from the Gym Class  program. Gym Class specialist will provide adapted organized physical education, recreation, leisure and sports activities that will: 

  • Develop locomotor and nonlocomotor skills
  • Develop muscular strength and endurance 
  • Develop equilibrium and balance 
  • Develop eye hand coordination 
  • Development physical fitness for maintenance of daily healthful living skills and fitness 
  • Develop social skills 
  • Develop self-esteem 
  • Develop functional motor skills 

Our Activities

Gym Class 4 You provides physical education programs and recreational sports for children with exceptionalities. All programs are developed based on the Goal Directed Activity Plan (GDAP) designed by participants, parents and Gym Class Specialist.



Zumba, cardio, and yoga. Wheelchairs Welcome!


Biking, running, riding, bowling, skating, and more! 


Jazz, hip hop, ballet and stepping with the deaf.

Free Play

Lots of swinging, jumping and playing all around! 


All the ball game sports you can imagine!

Upcoming Events


One on One Personal TraininG

Classes Begin July 5, 2018

Small Group Sessions

Class Begin July 5, 2018